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Kathy Renk

“Beltone would be the only place I would go for my hearing problems. Wheter the office or on the phone, I always get a welcome or a winning smile and a big hello. How are you doing and what can we do for you today. I’m never a bother. They really care.”

Troy Canterbury

“When I came in for hearing aids I was impressed by how eager to help the satff was. I could not Obtain Financing so Scott helped me to get into a display unit and also helped me to get financing for them. I really enjoy talking with the staff here. They listen and take care of any problem that may arise. I am totally happy with my whole experience here at Beltone. First class company with first class staff. I can hear today because of them.”

Roger Kamprath

“We’ve been with Beltone for 5 yeas. Always excellent service. In and out quickly. Very pleasant and helpful employees. Hearing ability is mostly back to normal.”

Roy Bauermeister

“They know how to spell SERVICE”

Gerald Swanson

“I have had a good experience with Beltone very good service and great people. Have had 2 sets and great results.”

Alfred Miller

“I have had good service from Scott, I am very pleased with how I can hear with my Beltone hearing aids.”

John Dibaise

“I have been a customer of Beltone for approx. six years and have to say that I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids and maintenance on them. I bought the premium quality and has worked out well. The people at Beltone has been very professional, friendly and helpful. Thank You Scott and Dee for your dedication and service in my hearing problems, by making it easy, affordable and the best part enjoying hearing normal again.”

Daniel Mcmahon

“Since coming to Beltone and purchasing hearing aids, my quality of life has completely changed for the better. The service I receive is outstanding when ever I need adjustments or have any problems with the device, It is taken care of. The people here at Beltone Audiology and Hearing Center are outstanding, friendly and listen to you. It is a very family atmosphere. Everything about the center is outstanding.”

Mike Wees

“Scott has been wonderful to work with. His Professional service has been wonderful. Beltone hearing aids has changed my life!! Should have seen Scott long ago.”

Susan Franco

“Beltone has been a miracle cure for me in many ways. My family was pushing me to have my hearing tested but I was totally in denial. When I saw that Beltone was having a free hearing test going on, I knew it couldn’t hurt, so I made an appointment. I was totally shocked at how bad the test came out. The staff at Beltone, especially Scott and Dee have been absolutely wonderful. They have made a tremendous difference in my hearing, worked with me when I was having problems or difficulty, plus worked with the insurance company. I am pleased that I chose Beltone and so is my husband and children.”