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Beltone Giving back

Local farmer wins complimentary hearing aid, replaces ones he lost in the March floods

While battling the March floods, a local farmer lost his hearing aid in the rising water. Through the Beltone foundation and local audiologist, he wins a set of complimentary $8,000 hearing aids. Read full story

Wisner man regains hearing

Wisner resident David Metschke was granted a free pair of hearing aids from Beltone Audiology and Hearing Centers on Tuesday after sending a heartfelt letter to the company’s president, Dean Kent

On March 14, Metschke was told by the Wisner Police to evacuate his home for the evening because of rising floodwaters due to the overflowing Elkhorn River. Before doing so, Metschke, a farmer, moved much of his equipment on to higher ground to avoid water damage. Read full Story

‘Like waking up from a bad dream’: Man hears wife speak clearly for 1st time in 5 years thanks to hearing aid donation

The 73-year-old Bellevue man suffers from dementia and hearing loss. A few years ago, his wife, Terri, 66, quit her job as a purchasing agent for a local printing company to become his full-time caregiver. Since then, Terri said, David’s hearing loss has declined steadily.

“I have noticed his hearing getting so bad he doesn’t hear whether he is talking on the phone to one person or a group,” she said. “He is withdrawn from most conversations when there is more than one person involved. It is extremely frustrating to him. I literally have to bite my tongue many times because it is so upsetting to have to repeat things at times, sometimes as many as four times.” Read full Story

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Melisa, I am so happy with my hearing aids. The listening experience is wonderful. I don’t want to take them out.

Just so glad I came at the time when you are working in that office. My health is the only thing that matters at this stage of life.

Thank you so much. The lady at the front desk is also very good at helping clients feel welcome.

May kindness return to you in the same beautiful way that it was given.


Thank You, Donna Tucker

“My Beltone Hearing Aids are the third pair of aids I’ve had Over the years. They also are the only aids I’ve found that consistently provide the assistance needed to understand what people say as well as to be able to enjoy evening TV without having the volume so high that my wife is miserable. They have done the job for me so I can heartily recommend them to others.”


John Linhardt

“Beltone has been a miracle cure for me in many ways. My family was pushing me to have my hearing tested but I was totally in denial. When I saw that Beltone was having a free hearing test going on, I knew it couldn’t hurt, so I made an appointment. I was totally shocked at how bad the test came out. The staff at Beltone, especially Scott and Dee have been absolutely wonderful. They have made a tremendous difference in my hearing, worked with me when I was having problems or difficulty, plus worked with the insurance company. I am pleased that I chose Beltone and so is my husband and children.”

Susan Franco

” I spent a lot of time saying “what did you say” when someone talked to me because they spoke softly. I did not hear them. Several people replied you need hearing aids. I am very Pleased that I now can hear the first time they say something. The first time I went to mass after I wore them was wonderful. I heard every word and it was so nice. I am so glad I have them.”

Marlene Malone

“Since coming to Beltone and purchasing hearing aids, my quality of life has completely changed for the better. The service I receiv is outstanding when ever I need adjustments or have any problems with the device, it is taken care of. The people here at Beltone audiology and hearing center are outstanding, friendly and listen to you. It is a very family atmosphere. Everything about the center is outstanding.”

Daniel McMahon

“Beltone would be the only place I would go for my hearing problems. Whether the office or on the phone, I always get a welcome or a winning smile and a big hello, how are you doing and what can we do for you today. They really care.”

Kathy Renk

“From the time I stepped into the “Beltone” door and welcomed by Dee and Scott. I immediately felt that I was in the “right” place to be able to hear again. Scott made certain that everything was OK before fitting me up correctly. What patience they have! — to answer to smallest of issues.

Now.. the more than happy day happened. Recently..I went to a play/concert.. when I got home.. I said to myself “I can’t” believe this.. I actually heard every word. Its been a long time since I could say that.

Thanks again for your “friendly” service.”

David Torrens

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