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Beltone is committed to providing the public with a high level of service, quality products, and hearing health information.

This information is not meant as a substitute for seeing a qualified hearing care professional, but as a tool to gain additional information about hearing health which will assist you in making an educated decision.

Hearing Test

What happens during a hearing test at a Beltone Center?

Beltone hearing tests have several steps to ensure a complete evaluation. These steps are outlined below.

Lifestyle Assessment:

A Beltone audiologist or hearing instrument specialist conducts a personal lifestyle assessment to determine your specific hearing needs and lifestyle.

Ear Inspection:

Beltone conducts an otoscopic ear inspection to check for wax buildup or any unusual physical conditions. If any one of eight conditions, as specified by the FDA is present, we’ll refer you to your doctor for further evaluation.

Speech Understanding Assessment:

This test will determine how well you can understand spoken words in both quiet and noisy environments.

Pure Tone Test:

This test precisely measures hearing ability across the full spectrum of sound. If your hearing is within normal range, the hearing test is complete.

Bone Conduction Test:

If your hearing isn’t normal, this test determines whether hearing difficulty is the result of an inner or middle ear function problem.

Ear Anatomy:

We’ll explain in detail how your ear works so you fully understand your test results.

Hearing Aid Demonstration:

If your test results indicate a hearing aid can help, we will let you hear what a hearing aid will sound like at our office. We will program hearing aids according to your test results, and then allow you to experience the benefit of the hearing aids by listening to a family member, or friend, that accompanies you to the exam.

Let’s talk about hearing loss

Find out the main facts about hearing loss, including the best ways to care for your hearing – or your loved one’s hearing.

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