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Beltone Trust

Your patients trust you to recommend the best solution possible. Introducing Beltone Trust, the technology that answers your patients’ biggest needs with the best sound quality and industry-leading features. This full hearing aid family comes with eleven different models, including a new mini-BTE and the only Made for iPhone® custom products in the industry. Beltone Trust has the most options for personalization, discreet designs, great sound quality and new Beltone Remote Care for the ultimate hearing care experience.

Trust in unmatched
situational awareness

It’s a well-known fact. The #1 complaint of people with hearing loss is hearing in noise.

Sound impressive? It is. And now, it’s all available with Beltone Trust, a unique hearing system based on nature – restoring the brain’s natural abilities to determine where sound is coming from and choose what’s most important to the wearer. Beltone Trust delivers, hands-down, the best sound quality in the industry. This unbeatable Beltone sound is made possible through of our exclusive CrossLink Directionality 2 and Personal Sound ID features. 

Beltone Trust leads the competition

Trust in premier customer support – anywhere

You’re looking for ways to differentiate your practice from the competition. Beltone Remote Care gives you that differentiation and allows you to offer care and support that others in the industry simply can’t provide. This groundbreaking fi ne-tuning feature delivers on the convenience and fl exibility patients are looking for in between their scheduled appointments, no matter where they are.

Trust in unrivaled connectivity

It’s a fact. Studies show that hearing aid wearers are signifi cantly more satisfi ed with their hearing instruments when they have a wireless accessory or use an app. Everything connects in today’s society – and many of your patients’ experiences with everyday consumer electronics have led them to expect that everything is both mobile and integrated. Beltone Trust hearing aids live up to, and even exceed, these expectations. Designed to connect easily with the most popular mobile devices, they offer your patients compatibility and personal control.

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