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Introducing the world’s best app for hearing aids

All you need is Direct Phone Link 2 and SmartRemote to use your iPhone® or Android™ as a discreet remote control. Adjust volume, change listening programs, enjoy clear phone calls, and more. A simple swipe of your fingers is all it takes. The app is free, and easy to use.

With SmartRemote:
  • Privately adjust hearing aid volume in one or both ears
  • Easily change listening programs to suit your current environment
  • Reduce the sounds around you when you’re using the phone

Beltone’s award-winning 2.4 GHz wireless technology makes SmartRemote fast and effective. 2.4 GHz streaming is the industry standard for all Bluetooth® technology.

Enjoy clear, crisp phone calls with Beltone Direct Phone Link 2

Phone calls sound amazing with Direct Phone Link 2. Combine it with our wireless hearing instruments, and delight in clear, comfortable phone calls.

  • The sound signal streams from phone to hearing aids, so it’s exceptionally clean and crisp. Conversation is easy to understand.
  • Sound enters your custom–programmed hearing aids. Enjoy a listening experience tailored to you.
  • Listen to the conversation in both ears if you prefer, instead of just one.

Small and lightweight, Direct Phone Link 2 clips to a shirt or lapel. You hear your phone ring in your hearing aids, even if the phone is in your purse, pocket or briefcase. Press a button to start talking, and converse hands–free. The conversation is streamed directly to your hearing aids. There’s even a mute button to reduce surrounding sounds when you’re on the phone.

Direct Phone Link 2 works with any Bluetooth® enabled device and can be paired with two different phones. It’s the only hands–free device to use 2.4 GHz technology to send a strong and secure signal directly to your hearing aids.

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