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All Beltone hearing instruments come with the exclusive BelCare™ commitment – one of the most comprehensive aftercare programs available. From your very first hearing screening through all the years you own your Beltone hearing instruments, BelCare™ assures you a lifetime of attention at any one of Beltone’s participating hearing care centers nationwide. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

Hearing Evaluations

Receive a comprehensive hearing evaluation at over 1300 Beltone locations nationwide.

Minimum Loss to Fit

Beltone guarantees that you will not be fit with amplification unless your loss is severe enough to warrant a recommendation.

Quality Control review

Patient audiograms and fitting recommendations are reviewed by a licensed hearing instrument specialist, an audiologist, or an audioprosthologist.

Establishing Realistic Expectations Prior To Purchase

Your Beltone professional will fully explain the benefits you can reasonably expect from hearing with amplification. This is to aid in your transition into amplification.

Verification of Benefit

Demonstration of the performance and the benefit of hearing instruments will be completed upon delivery or during the first 30 days following delivery. The techniques for verification of benefit are:

  1. Real ear measurement
  2. Sound field verification

Follow-up Schedule

The Beltone professional will establish a specific follow-up schedule to help you adapt to hearing with amplification. The schedule will be appropriate to your individual needs.

30-Day Refund Policy

Return Policies, as applicable by law, vary from state to state. Check with your Beltone Hearing Care Professional for details, including the amount of any applicable non-refundable preparation fees. *Not all states require the Hearing Care Professional to provide a 30-Day Refund Policy under specific circumstances. Please consult your state’s laws regarding these circumstances.

Warranty and Lost, Stolen and Damaged Coverage

Your Beltone hearing instruments are covered by a limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for one year. Additionally, you’ll receive one year of Lost, Stolen or Damaged Protection. A deductible charge may apply per individual instrument. These coverages will be explained by the Beltone professional.

Two-Year Hearing Loss Change Protection

If your hearing permanently changes by at least 15 decibels over a 2 year time frame, Beltone will provide the most appropriate instrument for your loss at no charge. This coverage will be explained by the Beltone professional.

Lifetime Care

For as long as you own your Beltone hearing instruments, you’re eligible to receive follow-up care at any of more than 1,300 Beltone offices and service centers nationwide.

Patient Care Line

1-800-BELTONE is Beltone’s exclusive patient toll free number. Have questions or suggestions? Call 1-800-BELTONE to speak to one of our patient care representatives.

Code of Ethics

Both Beltone and your Beltone Hearing Care Professionals acknowledge the importance of patient satisfaction and patient care which meet the highest professional and business standards. Beltone promotes and preserves these standards of ethical care and service.
BelCare™ Disclaimer
The complete BelCare™ Program is only available at participating Beltone Centers. Some restrictions and limitations apply. Written arrangements with third-party payers supersede this policy, when appropriate. For complete details, see your independent participating Beltone Hearing Care Professional. Beltone is responsible for limited Warranty, LS&D, and Hearing Loss Protection programs. The independent participating Beltone HCP is responsible for all other facets of BelCare™.

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